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Tim W. Tannich, D.D.S., P.A. is a naturopathic dentist, or holistic dentist, focusing on total body wellness so that our patients can achieve complete oral health. Dental health results from more than your oral hygiene habits, although those are important; oral health can be affected by what you eat and your family medical history. 

Our office takes all these things into account and completes all the testing necessary to provide you with a comprehensive look at your dental health. Explore the sections below to understand our approach to total body wellness. 
Naturopathic Dentist Midland, TX
The office of Tim W. Tannich, D.D.S. places the patient at the center of everything we do. Rather than addressing only the current problem, we offer an integration of medicine and dentistry which focuses on education and prevention as tools for care. Integrated dentistry/medicine gives us a picture of possible causes of medical conditions with dental connections.
Functional medicine is another important part of how we approach dental health. This approach enables us to look beyond the surface to provide you with a deeper understanding of how to maintain your oral health. During your exams at our office, we will inquire about your lifestyle, family history, health conditions, and other individual factors to understand the root cause of your dental health problems. 

THE ORAL-SYSTEMIC FACTS ARE least 80% of American adults have gum inflammation/disease
...increased trigeminal nerve traffic from TMJ and bad dental bite can create muscle pain and migraines
...gum disease is linked with blood vessel disease, heart attacks and strokes
...poor ventilation during sleep triggers nighttime clenching & bracing to maintain the airway
...gum disease and tooth infection increases the severity of Alzheimer’s disease
...bad bites and poor oral-facial development increases risk for sleep apnea
...if you have diabetes and bleeding gums, your risk of premature death increases by 400 to 700 percent
...cavities are caused by acid-loving bacteria spread during kissing and sharing food
...gum disease increases risk for head & neck cancer, and pancreatic and kidney cancer
...oral bacteria are being found in brain tissue, heart vessels, joints, and many other parts of your body.

“What Happens In Your Mouth...Does NOT Stay in Your Mouth!”
Oral-Systemic Facts


In recent years, naturopathic dentistry has become prevalent as a method for providing the utmost support for patient health. A naturopathic dentist believes that patient education and awareness are vital for success, and the office of Tim W. Tannich, D.D.S. is no exception. 

We are a naturopathic dentist caring for patient health above all else. 


In the office of Tim W. Tannich, D.D.S., we provide innovative methods for treating periodontal disease. Please visit our Periodontal Disease page for more information. 
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